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Inspections and fines

Trieste Trasporti Ltd. is entitled to onboard inspections to establish if passengers are travelling with valid tickets. Inspections will be performed by company personnel carrying appropriate identification.

The ticket inspector is a public official entitled to ask passengers to show their I.D. if found without a valid ticket. Should a passenger refuse, the inspector is legally authorized to verify the passenger’s I.D., even by requesting intervention by the Police.

In case of infringements occurring on public transport, the fines established by Regional Law 23/2007, and modifications introduced by R.L. 13/2014 will be applied as summarized below:

No ticket
€ 70,00 + purchase of valid ticket and administrative fees) € 210,00 (+purchase of valid ticket and administrative fees)
Expired ticket
Ticket validated only on sight of inspector
Not validated ticket
Ticket validated more than once
Forged ticket
Expired travel card
Non compliance to the Onboard Regulations € 35,00 (plus administrative fees) € 106,00 (plus administrative fees)

Re-offenders within the current year will be charged one and a half times the full fine.
Should the passenger have forgotten to carry the travel card (if already regularly validated) he/she may prove it by showing it within 5 days at the company’s Administration office in Via dei Lavoratori, 2 – 1st floor. In this case, the fine will only amount to € 5,00.

If the fine is paid immediately or within 15 days from receipt of the inspection memo, a reduced fine will be applied (as per art. 7 L.R. 1/84).

Otherwise, Trieste Trasporti will apply the provisions of R.L. 1/1984 and the full fine will be charged.
The fined passenger may send a counterclaim to Trieste Trasporti within 60 days from receipt of the inspection memo.

The fine may be paid immediately to the inspector or:

  • by bank transfer to the following account: 21704325;
  • by direct payment at the Administration Office.

As for any other infringement of the Onboard Regulations, should a passenger cause any damage to the company’s assets or disturb other passengers or drivers, the Company will report him/her to the competent authorities and may claim for damages.