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Rules and regulations

Inspections and fines

Trieste Trasporti Ltd. is entitled to onboard inspections to establish if passengers are travelling with valid tickets. Inspections will be performed by company personnel carrying appropriate identification. The ticket inspector is a public official entitled to ask passengers to show their I.D. if found without a valid ticket. Should a passenger refuse, the inspector is […]

Sea lines: on board regulations

Approved by Provincial Council decision n° 28 dd. 22/04/2004 Trieste Trasporti Ltd. recommends that travellers always use all the necessary safety precautions to guarantee the safety of people under their care and all other passengers beside their own, and advises passengers to pay maximum attention during boarding and offboarding operations, following the crew’s instructions and refraining from running […]

Bicycle transport on tramway

On tram carriages marked with a specific sign, transport of max. 6 bicycles is allowed on limited rides on Saturdays and Sundays (leaving piazza Oberdan at 09:11, 10:11 and 11:11), in addition to the 3 bicycles allowed to be transported every day in the appropriate outside compartment. Passengers wishing to transport bicycles on the tramway […]

Vehicle regulation

Vehicle regulation valid from June 9th 2013. ART. 1 TRAVEL DOCUMENTS 1. It is mandatory for each passenger: a) to have a regular document for travel consisting of: a ticket, which must be validated upon boarding the vehicle using the ticket machine on board; a pass that, where required, must be completed according to the […]