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Services for passengers with disabilities

disabili-01Trieste Trasporti upgraded its fleet in the last few years with appliances for passengers with disabilities. 245 buses are equipped with lowered floors, and 181 with automatic pullout platforms, in order to allow easier access to passengers with walking difficulties and disabilities and to aging passengers.

Smaller vehicles have not been upgraded because implementation of appropriate equipment would have been technically difficult and because these buses are only used on challenging routes (insufficient space, very steep roads, and so on).

Innovative appliances like the kneeling platform are very useful to help passengers with walking difficulties to get on and off buses.

Appropriately equipped vehicles allow passengers with physical disabilities to travel on regular TT buses. On board, a dedicated seat is equipped, in compliance with current legislation, with a wheelchair block and a 3 point safety belt to allow for a comfortable journey.

Freedom of movement of passengers with walking disabilities, and the consequent barrier-free accessibility are one of the objectives the company intends to meet by adopting these measures.