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Description and timetables

The electrical traction line, by way of two cable carriages, connects the city to the Carso Plateau, 348 mts above sea level. After a short ride from the terminus in the central piazza Oberdan, from Piazza Scorcola to Vetta Scorcola the tramway becomes a truly unique cable ride: carriages are hitched up on two wagon-shields at both ends of a pulling cable running mid-rail. The slope’s inclination reaches a maximum 26% before going down to 8% after the carriages are out of the shield and back on regular track towards the town of Opicina. Along the ride, passengers are treated to a number of beautiful panoramic views of the gulf below, and many are the pathways and hiking trails that can be accessed from the stops along the line.

Rules on bicycle transport

Additional safety provisions

Regolamentazione del trasporto biciclette a bordo delle vetture tranviarie
18 June 2014
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