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Opicina Tramway

Description and timetables

The electrical traction line, by way of two cable carriages, connects the city to the Carso Plateau, 348 mts above sea level. After a short ride from the terminus in the central piazza Oberdan, from Piazza Scorcola to Vetta Scorcola the tramway becomes a truly unique cable ride: carriages are hitched up on two wagon-shields […]

Technical features

Stations Distance (in meters) Height (in meters a.s.l.) Piazza Oberdan – 3 Piazza Scorcola 405 17 Sant’ Anastasio 693 55 Romagna 983 115 Vetta Scorcola 1274 177 Cologna (Football ground) 1823 210 Cologna (Small church) 2140 221 Conconello 2695 263 Banne 3573 305 Obelisco 4282 343 Campo Romano 4582 330 Via Nazionale 4765 330 Villa […]

Carriages and cars – A brief history

Car number “1” Originally known as n. 411, it is the oldest running tram car in Europe. Only after the ANONYMOUS SMALL RAILWAYS COMPANY started to run the service, on September 9th, 1902, the carriage was given the number 1 out of an initial car fleet of six. The mechanics were built by GRAZEN UNION […]